I love how colorful this session was! The Purohit Family lives in West LA and they wanted a fun backdrop to their vibrant family photo session. We chatted on the phone and I decided to bring them to Abbot Kinney street in Venice. The neighborhood is dynamic and bright with plenty of backdrops to choose from. I photographed them in front of streets lined with flowers and colorful walls. I love that in Abbot you can walk down one street and choose between natural floral backdrops and murals. The colors gave a fun LA vibe to the shoot.

Before the photoshoot, the parents were a little nervous about the kids behaving during the shoot. I told them not to worry too much. It’s almost impossible to get kids to sit perfectly still for a full hour. The girls were really high energy and were having so much fun during the shoot. I told them to just let kids be kids. Even if it’s frustrating in the moment, it’s really fun for families to look back on these photos when their kids are fully grown. We captured a lot of silly moments and joy. In a few years, these candid photos will be a good memory of having young energetic children. And the daughters will probably appreciate some of the funny faces they made when they get older!

Are you looking to capture some silly candid moments with your family? I would love to connect with you to plan our next vibrant family photo session. Shoot me a message at info@heatherdecamp.com and we will chat to figure out what backdrop suits your family best. I can’t wait to work with you.

family photo session mural
This dynamic photo turned out so great! It would not have been possible if the girls sat perfectly still during the shoot.
abbot kinney family session
family photo session outdoor venice
daughters kissing father los angeles
This photo is so cute!
mom and daughters in front of mural los angeles
daughter hugging father los angeles
sisters in front of mural venice
sisters laughing in front of mural venice
I love these laughs!
sisters holding hands los angeles
outdoor los angeles family photography
kid laughing los angeles
mother and daughter abbot kinney
closeup kid photography
child smiling outdoor los angeles
abbot kinney family candid


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Vibrant Family Photo Session on Abbot Kinney | Purohit Family

December 21, 2021