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Los Angeles, California | Wedding + Family Photographer with a ❤ for Travel


I'm on a mission to capture all the moments that make your relationship with your partner and family uniquely yours.


Your life is complex, fun, and unique so why shouldn’t your family and wedding photos be the same?

What I mean by that is when you work with me, I won’t make you do those stuffy, awkward poses. You know, the ones that make you feel you have to hold your breath until you hear the shutter button.

That stuff’s just not me. Instead, I want to document the true personalities of you and your fiance and you and your family. From the joyous to the chaotic to the emotional moments, you can count on me being there for it all.

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I’m an                 at

Bringing out the genuine personality of anyone I talk to.
Creating a safe space where people feel they can be unapologetically themselves.
Making my clients laugh until they cry.

Bringing out the genuine personality of anyone I talk to.

Creating a safe space where people feel they can be unapologetically themselves.

Making my clients laugh until they cry.

I’M                 for

My unbreakable patience for toddlers and that one guy at your wedding
Speedy problem-solving skills
Awfully amazing jokes

My unbreakable patience for toddlers and annoying wedding guest

Speedy problem-solving skills

Awful jokes



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Wedding planning is stressful and raising kids is exhausting.

Let’s be

I know because I’ve been through the same milestones I photograph. So I understand how important it is to have a photographer by your side who not only captures the most important moments of your special day, but also one who can advocate for you, alleviate any of the stress you’re feeling, and values the life-changing journey you’re embarking on.


As your photographer, my biggest promise to you is that I won’t treat you like just another date on my calendar. 

You’re starting an exciting new chapter in your life, and that’s what this is really about.

You're speaking my language! Let's do it.

I love that! Let's connect to learn more.

I like what I'm hearing! Let's do it.

You've got it! Let's get started.

The proof is in the pudding. Check out the gallery. 

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"Heather’s warm nature, instincts, and talent with photography are all part of her incredible expertise."

Three hours later after receiving our pictures, my wife is still shaking her head in amazement that she "can't stop looking at these pictures!" She even joked that we should use them to wallpaper our condo. We are thrilled with how all of the different poses, gestures, and backdrops that Heather suggested worked out, and a few standout pictures even made my wife involuntarily and audibly gasp. We are absolutely thrilled with how everything came out.”

- Nicholas

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...even though they’re definitely double-tap worthy. They’re crafted around the idea that they’ll be framed in your grandparents’ house, in an album proudly displayed on your coffee table, and what your kids are going to ask about when they grow up.


Ok, ok - these photos aren't captured with your feed in mind...

What I do for you

You already have enough on your plate. Whether you’re busy planning your wedding, bringing home a newborn, or chasing around toddlers, I make sure the process is as easy as pie. Which honestly, should be the only thing on your plate during our photo session.

Here’s how it’ll work:


Get in touch


Personalize your experience


Have my full support throughout the process


Celebrate your day

Yep, that’s seriously all there is to it.

Let’s set up a coffee date — my treat.