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They won't be this little


Every night seems a repetition of the one before. The same routine goes: Dinner, bath, fussy teeth-brushing, and stories. Then, there’s that familiar rush of relief when they close their eyes because our tough parental duties for the day have ended. But once we close the door and tiptoe down the hall, we miss them. We miss the way they smell, their laughs, and the feel of their skin against our own. Despite the exhaustion, a truth surfaces: Our children are growing and these moments won’t last forever.

it’s true that, as parents, we want to see our kids grow up, flourish, and make their positive mark on the world. But there’s still a (pretty big) part of us that wants to hold on to these moments a bit longer. 

That's where I come in as your family photographer.

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"Heather’s love for what she does shines through her work and pictures."

Before our session, I was a little nervous because we have a 3-year-old who was very busy and distracted, but Heather worked her magic and got the most beautiful pictures of our little family. She was professional, sweet, and easy to chat with. She sat with me on the phone until I had peace of mind as I picked the right ones to frame for our home. If you want great family photos and a personable photographer, Heather is your girl.

- J.D

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We don’t realize the importance of family photos until we want to reminisce on the 

I’m often guilty of thinking I’ll remember cuddling my two kids while we’re watching cartoons, laughing our butts off, and fully enjoying each other’s company. But memory can be faulty. We also live in the age of smartphones, so it’s easy to think that we’ll have plenty of photos to look at in the future that reminds us of early family life.

good ol' days.

The truth is: Nothing compares to having quality photos that the entire family is in — this includes you, mom. Just you and your family, doing whatever it is that makes your family, 

These are the photos that will mean the most in 5, 10, and 20 years because they’re the ones that slip from our minds but can bring back the exact feelings you experienced in that original moment.

your family.

Goodbye selfies, hello quality memories.

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"Heather’s newborn photography feels so organic, genuine, and classic."

As new parents, we hesitated on getting professional photos taken of our newborn just because we were so overwhelmed with juggling everything early on and we also felt like most newborn photography looked kind of cheesy--but we also knew we'd regret it if we didn't professionally capture our baby's first unforgettable month. The instant I stumbled upon Heather DeCamp's site, I knew she was the one. Heather has the ability to make newborn photography feel so organic, genuine, and classic. No cheesy poses, no awkwardness. She was so patient with us as we juggled our newborn's napping + occasional fussiness to capture the perfect family moments. The photos she took are some of our most treasured possessions, and we would call Heather again in a heartbeat to record the most precious moments in our lives!

- Marie

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Every family is unique, which means every session is unique. It’s my goal to capture your family’s candid moments, so we’ll work together to make a personalized experience that best fits you and your family’s goals and visions.



Forced “cheeses” and awkward poses have no place here. My coaching-style approach is in place to eliminate stress for the parents and to help your kids instinctively feel comfortable! This way, we can capture the real giggles and smiles. Oh, and don’t worry about any tantrums — I speak fluent toddler.


We own a lot of digital content these days so when it’s time to hold a physical album or admire a printed portrait, it feels much more significant. That’s why I offer thoughtfully curated albums and various print options for my families so they can easily look back and appreciate their time spent together in a profound way.

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The stress free process:

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I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you and your family! When we chat, I’ll tell you everything you need to know for a successful and memorable session.




live in the moment

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Soak it up. Have some fun. Make some memories. I’ll be here to capture it in a way that will remind you exactly how you felt in the original moment. 




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Pick your albums

Instead of leaving you with a digital mess, I’ll help you select the perfect artwork that you can treasure forever. 




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"Heather put us at ease with her great sense of humor and accommodating style."

Working with her is an absolute joy. She's a consummate professional who thinks of everything so that you don't have to. We're certainly not the types who naturally know how to make ourselves look good in photos and how to stage memorable moments... Not only that, having to admit that and hire someone to do that is just... Awkward... But Heather was patient with us throughout our newborn shoot. Babies are unpredictable and as a mother herself, she understood that acutely, in such a way that she anticipated how to adjust the shoot to fit our baby's temperament, letting us know when our various windows of opportunity were for some shots. Her experience is invaluable and the work to show for it even more so.

- David

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