I love it when multiple generations come together for a natural family photography session. Owen’s grandparents were in town for a visit and wanted to capture some family photos with their three-year-old grandson and his parents while they were in Los Angeles. I photographed this family at Temescal Gateway Park, in Pacific Palisades. It is a great location for families with kids because it’s easy to park and offers a fun variety of different backgrounds. It’s a really central location for families on the west side because it is so easy and simple to get to.

This session was really fun! Owen is currently obsessed with planets, and was more than happy to cooperate for the photos as long as he was allowed to hold his Planet Earth ball! I typically tell parents not to stress out about their kids holding props in photos. Toys keep kids cooperative and happy during shoots, and everyone has a great time. The genuine joy shows in photos. It’s also a great way to remember the things their kids enjoyed at that time in their life! My photography style is all about capturing natural family photography moments; I’m not into stoic and posed photos. My goal is for sessions to be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved!

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los angeles toddler laughing
couple with young son in los angeles
little boy with ball los angeles
Owen was so happy to play with this ball during his session, and his joy is contagious!
granparents with grandson in los angeles
young LA mom
eskimo kisses with mom in Pacific Palisades
Sweet moments with mommy.
Pacific Palisades grandparents photo session
These flowers made for a beautiful and vibrant background!
black and white photo  of father playing with son
father with young son in Los Angeles
young couple in temescal gateway park
I always make sure to capture photos of the couple alone. Once you’re a parent, all your attention is on the kids and it’s important to remember this time in your life as a couple, too!
older couple walking in park
family photography in Pacific Palisades
black and white grandparents with grandson in los angeles
This is one of my favorite photos. Owen was totally over the session at this point but we had to grab this moment with the grandparents!


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Simple and Natural Family Photography Session | Owen

August 10, 2021