As a wedding photographer you get to observe so many relationships.  You observe how people compliment each other, how they communicate, how they make decisions, how they match, how they mismatch, and the list goes on and on.  This year I learned something very important, its not only important to be a great match but it says a lot for couples who are faced with challenges and come out at the other end together and stronger then where they started.  The two met in college and spent a few happy years together but once graduation hit it was time to make some tough decisions.  The two ended up in different states pursuing their careers and ended their relationship.  But somehow through a few years of trial and distance, they found their way back to each other.

Not only did I enjoy their story but this couple was way too much fun!  They shared an incredible amount of inside jokes with each other, had way too many funny stories, and both had such a humorous way of viewing life!  I hope you enjoy all the smiles and laughs I captured.  They bring a smile to my face just revisiting these images!

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Lincoln Park and Wicker Park Engagement Session

November 21, 2011