This LGBT family photoshoot was adorable and so much fun to shoot. We planned an early morning session at Point Dume Beach in Malbu. Morning sessions are often easier with small kids because it’s hard to schedule shoots at dusk when kids are hungry and cranky. I like to plan the shoot early in the day when they’re fresh and have energy. That way, moms and kids can just wake up and go!

I love Point Dume for sessions with little kids. It’s a beautiful area with easy parking, lots of diversity, and the sunlight is always really nice in the AM. It’s an easy spot with little ones. I also like to go to Point Dume in the early morning because the beach is emptier and we have a lot more privacy.

I captured lots of fun moments with the Lee family. The kids had a lot of fun climbing on rocks and playing by the water. I always make sure to include plenty of play time in my shoots, especially with really small kids. It keeps them on board and cooperative with the shoot, and it also gives me plenty of adorable candid moments to capture! I like to save any water shot for the end of the shoot in case anyone gets wet. Kids especially like to splash around in the water. This was a really fun and playful shoot. Everyone had a really good time. The kids were adorable and the moms had such a beautiful bond with their children. I was able to capture so many fun, silly moments, and also really sweet moments.

Are you ready to schedule your next LGBT family photoshoot? I’d love to chat. Send me a message at to plan your next beach session! I can’t wait to work with you!

Family plays in the water at Leo Carrillo
same sex family photography in Malibu
black and white family photography at Leo Carrillo State Beach
family plays together at the beach in Malibu
moms pose with babies at beach in Los Angeles
family poses on rocks at the beach in Malibu
little girl plays on the rocks at Leo Carrillo State Beach
Baby boy family photoshoot
Mom plays with kids at beach in Malibu
same sex couple walks along the beach in Malibu
adorable family photography at Leo Carrillo State Beach
siblings embrace at beach in Malibu
family poses on lifeguard station at beach
Los Angeles same sex couple


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Fun and Beautiful LGBT family photoshoot | Lee Family

August 11, 2022